Published: Tue, May 14, 2019
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Mr. Ratburn's gay wedding on PBS show 'Arthur' causes social media mania

Mr. Ratburn's gay wedding on PBS show 'Arthur' causes social media mania

The animated children's cartoon "Arthur" started its 22nd season Monday with quite the celebration: Mr. Ratburn, the beloved teacher to Arthur and his friends, came out as gay and married the man of his dreams.

In New York, one Twitter user's post highlighting Mr Ratburn's gay marriage, was "liked" more than 112,000 times in 21 hours.

Mr Ratburn is marrying Patrick, a warm aardvark chocolatier from earlier in the episode.

The group of chums grow more anxious when they spy Mr Ratburn having lunch with an uptight woman.

This paranoia only grows when the gang spots Mr. Ratburn having lunch with an uptight woman (voiced by special guest star Jane Lynch), who tells Mr. Ratburn that he's "too soft" and needs to "toughen up". Congratulation Mr. Ratburn! Make sure you don't hog all the wedding cake. "Not only that Arthur is still going, but that Mr. Ratburn is openly gay".

Later in the episode characters Muffy, Arthur and Buster discussed the wedding and seeing their teacher happy with his new husband.

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Buster finds it hard to accept teachers even have a life outside of the classroom.

The entire heartwarming episode can be viewed here.

Arthur aired its first episode in 1996 and is based off the Arthur Adventures book series.

For anyone who missed it, Mr. Ratburn married his male partner on the most recent episode of #Arthur.

The educational show targets kids aged four to eight and often tackles hard topics families deal with in their daily lives.

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