Published: Sat, May 11, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Chinese court holds off ruling on Canadians death penalty appeal

Chinese court holds off ruling on Canadians death penalty appeal

The next court date in the process, which could last years, was set for September 23, while the formal extradition hearings are expected to begin in January.

Ms Meng was released on bail in mid-December in Vancouver, where she owns property, and is living under house arrest.

But haggling over the disclosure of evidence - with the defense complaining about heavy redactions of 1,742 pages of documents released so far - risked drawing it out.

Meng Wanzhou, 47, was arrested in Canada in December at the request of the US.

Trump has said he'd intervene in the case if it would help secure a trade deal with Beijing.

Lawyers for a senior Huawei executive say they intend to apply for a stay of proceedings in a high-profile extradition case.

The case has soured relations between China, Canada and the US.

While it's not yet time to make arguments in the case, he said the focus on sanctions is a "complete red herring".

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"The criminal case against Ms. Meng is based on allegations that are simply not true".

Huawei Technologies Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou arrives at her home after spending the day in court on May 8, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.

The United States has since accused Meng of, among other things, deceiving four banks to enable Huawei to evade USA sanctions against Iran. The company reiterated that the US -ordered arrest was "an unlawful abuse of process - one guided by political considerations and tactics". Both Huawei and Meng deny the allegations. The indictment accuses Huawei and Meng of misrepresenting their ownership of a Hong Kong-based subsidiary between 2007 and 2017 in an effort to circumvent USA sanctions against Iran.

Huawei has previously said Skycom was a local business partner in Iran, while the United States maintains it was an unofficial subsidiary used to hide Huawei's Iran business. Her cellphone and other electronic devices were seized at the direction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - and she was compelled to reveal her passwords. They claim that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police intentionally delayed the presentation of the arrest warrant in order to carry out unlawful detention and search against Meng under the pretense of a routine border check.

The US desires the tech executive extradited to stand trial on charges in conjunction with fraud linked to the alleged violation of sanctions on Iran.

The case has set off a diplomatic furor, with China's embassy calling it a "political persecution". China has detained - in retaliation, some say - two Canadians and accused them of espionage, and it has sentenced two other Canadians to death on drug-related accusations. And Beijing recently blocked Canadian shipments of canola and pork worth billions of dollars. No decision was immediately announced after the hearing.

The Supreme Court approved Meng's petition to modify her bail terms, which included a request to move from her current C$5 million ($3.71 million), six-bedroom residence near a park to an estate more than triple the size in one of Vancouver's fanciest neighborhoods. "Currently, large numbers of people go there, sometimes approach the house".

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