Published: Fri, May 10, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google unveils new Pixel phones, Nest Hub Max

Google unveils new Pixel phones, Nest Hub Max

San Francisco- The Android mobile Operating System (OS) is now running on 2.5 billion devices globally, up from 2 billion, Google announced two years ago.

If you're an Android user (Samsung, Moto, Google Pixel, et al), the way apps will be presented to you is changing.

Whilst the specs are not as impressive as the company's flagship phones, the price is simply too good not to pick one up, and the chances are the Pixel 3a will become the smartphone of choice for consumers looking for a low-priced, high-performance phone developed by Google.

Last I/O, Google showcased how its new Duplex technology could make bookings on the phone.

Google said it would re-brand all of its "Home" hardware as "Nest", reflecting the thermostat maker it purchased in 2014. Now, Google is aiming to narrow the revenue gap by introducing a new way for users in emerging markets to pay for apps: with cash.

Severe storms possible through Wednesday
"We are asking Texans to stay alert during this unsafe storm system and heed all warnings from local officials". Heavy rain will also flare up in the area of Houston late Thursday.

This year Google is moving this driving-optimised mode into Android's Google Assistant smartphone app, offering easy voice-controlled access to navigation, music playback and messaging while on the road. After all, developers now have to take into account the different navigation options offered by smartphone brands and how they may affect interactions with their respective apps.

Android Auto's first major overhaul turns the interface into a sexier system with a cleaner menu and more controls placed in user-friendly portions of the screen. The feature will be rolled out later in this summer to Smart Displays with a new "Picks for you" page that will provide personalised suggestions.

Assistant's driving mode will automatically launch when the smartphone is connected to a car's Bluetooth or when the user says "Hey Google, Let's Drive".

The Pixel 3a is available immediately at Google's websites in 13 countries, including the US, Japan, Spain and Taiwan, starting at US$399.

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