Published: Fri, May 10, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Drones used missiles with knife warhead to take out single terrorist targets

Drones used missiles with knife warhead to take out single terrorist targets

The secret R9X missile is created to destroy individual terrorist targets without injuring nearby civilians.

A secret missile developed by the United States military is nicknamed the Ninja bomb and armed with blades instead of explosives to target individuals while limiting other casualties.

That, the Wall Street Journal reports, is a key feature of a secret weapon adapted by the USA military.

The terrifying weapon could potentially kill a car's front seat passenger without harming the driver.

Moments before impact the weapon deploys a deadly ring of six long blades, shredding anything in its path.

The U.S., like other nations, has previously used concrete bombs-weapons without explosive warheads created to kill using kinetic energy-as a way to avoid collateral damage caused by warheads detonating.

Taliban attack aid group's offices in Afghan capital
The United Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) also condemned the attack and said it was deliberate targeting of civilians. The Ministry of Public Health said nine injured people had been delivered to hospitals in Kabul from the attack siite.

War reporters have been speculating that the USA military had a new kind of weapon since at least February 2017, when photos emerged following the death of Al Qaeda's Abu Khayr al Masri in Syria.

Development of the R9X started in 2011 under then United States president Barrack Obama who was concerned about reducing civilian casualties from American drone strikes. He was killed in Syria by an R9X fired from a Central Intelligence Agency drone in 2017.

The weapon is believed to have been deployed against targets in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

The United States has developed an awesome new weapon for killing high-value targets without causing extensive collateral damage, and it has already proven itself in at least five countries. Victims include Jamal al-Badawi, who was accused of being behind the 2000 USS Cole bombing.

A U.S. Air Force predator drone armed with a Hellfire missile lands at a secret air base after flying a mission in the Persian Gulf region on January 7, 2016.

Mr Obama said in May 2013 he would not order any strikes unless there was "near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured".

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