Published: Fri, May 10, 2019
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Coffee cup in Game Of Thrones gets viewers buzzing

Coffee cup in Game Of Thrones gets viewers buzzing

Now, it's time for The Last War.

Much like the trailer for this upcoming episode, the photos don't reveal much, although it does reiterate that another epic battle is on the horizon.

According to The Sun, the footage is believed to show major spoilers for the battle of King's Landing, as well as how the show will end in episode six.

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The other photo in question offers a better look at The Golden Army commander Harry Strickland (Marc Rissmann), upon a white steed with his well-trained army behind him. Daenerys stares out from Dragonstone looking absolutely broken from it all. And the new photos for Episode 5 show two sides gearing up for one of the biggest battles in the series' history.

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While Missandei was one of Daenerys' closest advisers, she was also Grey Worm's lover, and her sudden beheading sent shockwaves through Dany's camp. The beverage was in full view of the Mother of Dragons as she sulks at the attention his nephew and lover (it's complicated) Jon Snow is getting from the Free Folk.

Cersei's smirk is starting to grate a bit now.

The downfall of making the show available through a variety of streaming services is that it means more possibilities for leaks to occur before the show airs, and HBO has been grappling with some tough ones in Season 8.

With two episodes of HBO's popular medieval fantasy saga Game Of Thrones to go, puzzled fans took to social media on Monday after heroine Daenerys Targaryen was joined at a banquet table by a rogue to-go coffee cup.

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