Published: Thu, May 09, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Nest Hub Max combines a smart home hub with a security camera

Nest Hub Max combines a smart home hub with a security camera

We've known for a while Google planned to rebrand Nest, but at Google I/O 2019 it officially happened.

Google acquired Nest Labs, a manufacturer of smart home products, way back in 2014, but the search giant didn't release its own smart home speaker until 2016.

Part of the merger of Google's Home and Nest brands will be the renaming of the existing Google Home Hub to the Google Nest Hub, with other products following suit at a later date. As of today, I would lean towards no, but hey, you never know.

What's up with the new name?

Announced at Google's I/O developer conference in California on Tuesday, the new Google Nest Hub Max, which will launch on 15 July costing £219 in the UK. Nest Hub Max, Google says is created to be used in spaces you share with friends or family.

That brings about the launch of Google's latest piece of hardware - the Google Nest Hub Max - but it also means there will be some rebranding taking place. Google Nest Home? Google Home, by Google Nest? Users can also use the touchscreen to view YouTube videos and control compatible smart home gadgets. Google is now using on-device gesture recognition technology to help our turn down the volume or pause music by waving a hand in front of the same. Nest was acquired by Google in 2014, but was part of Google parent Alphabet before it was merged with Google a year ago.

Whether or not you'll be interested in this will likely depend on where you land on data privacy.

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Nest will still publish the Nest mobile app for Android and iOS.

To strengthen the security of your online accounts, Google is making the 2-factor verification easier to sue. Your facial information never leaves the Nest Hub Max. If you want to pull the trigger, you can order yours starting today either from your carrier or from Google.

Another interesting addition to the Nest Hub Max smart display is quick gestures.

Will this really impact my day-to-day usage?

You can head to this link to see the live stream on your phone or desktop's browser. In fact, the changes being made sound like they're for the better. Speaking of lower prices, the Google Home speaker is $99 from now on, while the Home Max is $299.

The whole idea of this transition is to simplify things where they need a bit of work, and based on what we're seeing so far, Google and Nest are doing what they can to make the process as seamless as can be.

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