Published: Thu, May 09, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apex Legends will be coming to mobile, says EA

Apex Legends will be coming to mobile, says EA

Oh, and EA is interested in doing more free-to-play games in the future (something they often try and fail with PopCap properties). As a result shares in the company are up as much as 10 per cent in afterhours trading, notes Bloomberg.

Mobile gamers can expect Apex Legends from developer Respawn to arrive on mobile devices at some point in the future, at least based on comments made by EA in its newly published quarterly financial report. Wilson talked a little about the success of the EA Sports titles over the previous year, the rapid expansion of the Battlefield V active players count with the introduction of Firestorm in Q4, and the slightly underwhelming launch of Anthem. According to EA, over 30% of those Apex Legends players are new to EA games.

Apex Legends is pretty game changing when it came to battle royale games, introducing some pretty cool innovations into the genre such as different character classes and abilities, 3 man squads, pinging and more.

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Though Apex Legends is butting heads with Fortnite, and PUBG on PC and consoles, it's missing out on lots of revenue from mobile players.

In addition, the company is looking to create more content for the players with a "long term service" in mind which includes new Legends and more.

For digital categories, EA reported $169 million in revenue from full game downloads (a 27 percent decrease from last year's $232 million), $714 million in live services revenue (a 2 percent increase year-over-year), and $182 million in mobile revenue (a 6 percent increase). I think the upcoming games roster will be fleshed-out some more shortly - at EA Play 2019, part of E3 in mid-June.

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