Published: Wed, May 08, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google foldable phone is being developed but don’t hold your breath

Google foldable phone is being developed but don’t hold your breath

A Xiaomi foldable phone was already demoed in a video.

There are now not details regarding the design of Google's foldable, but it's possible that it will be different to what we have seen so far. However, we're not losing hope because there is the Huawei Mate X.

Now that the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are out, expect Google to make more announcements. And all of this led to people thinking that Google is surely looking to join the bandwagon by making the first foldable Pixel smartphone.

Pixel chief Mario Queiroz admits that Google has been experimenting with foldable form factors but downplays its significance. "We've been doing it for a long time", Google's Mario Queiroz told CNET before I/O. "I don't think there's a clear use case yet".

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"These devices open up a completely new category", Cuthbertson said on stage, going on to add that while the space is in its early days, foldables "just might change the future of mobile computing".

In a conversation with CNET, Pixel hardware team lead Mario Queiroz said that the company has been prototyping the form factor for "a long time", but has found no compelling objective to bring a product to market, calling it a "nice-to-have" thing. "I don't think there's a clear use case yet".

Beyond that, Queiroz did not share details of Google's foldable phone prototypes, such as the way the screen works when the phone is folded or unfolded.

Unless customers say so, the US Federal Trade Commission regulations mean that Samsung must cancel all Galaxy Fold pre-orders if it failed to release the device before May 31.

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