Published: Mon, May 06, 2019
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Scotland Health Care System celebrating National Nurses Week

Scotland Health Care System celebrating National Nurses Week

Nurses Week is celebrated annually in recognition of Florence Nightingale, who was known as "The Lady with the Lamp". The College of Nursing has graduated over 7,000 nurse leaders and scientists.

Amazon is offering a collection of free nursing books. Together, we stand strong today and every day to provide the best possible evidence-based care in the clinic, at the hospital, in the classrooms and in the community.

"Croatia has 38,000 nurses and medical technicians, and although they are the most numerous in the country's health care system, their position is not satisfactory".

By far the largest reason to become a nurse is that we're dealing with a critical shortage of talented professionals in the medical industry right now.

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The week-long celebration, Monday, May 6 through Sunday, May 12; not only includes gifts and honors, but a very special scholarship has been established as well. Croatia should do everything possible to follow the lead of more advanced European Union members are stop the flow of nursing staff out of the country.

Nurses comprise the largest group of health care professionals in the US, and for 17 consecutive years, the public has ranked nursing the most honest and ethical profession. While some think they lack the personality or skills needed to survive and thrive as a nurse, many people from a diverse set of backgrounds have found a home for themselves in a hospital or similar healthcare facility.

Nurses are required to complete continuing education in order to maintain their licenses.

American Nurses Association: The American Nurses Association (ANA) is offering a free webinar called Nurses4Us: Elevating the Profession. Nurses must offer proof of their continuing education if requested by the state board. "Nursing is a challenging, rewarding and ever-changing career field", said Bebe Holt, vice president of Patient Care Services and chief nursing officer.

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