Published: Sun, May 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Commercial jet goes down in Florida river; passengers reportedly OK

Commercial jet goes down in Florida river; passengers reportedly OK

A chartered jet carrying 143 people from the USA military base in Cuba tried to land in a thunderstorm in north Florida and ended up in the river next to Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

"Unfortunately, they have not been retrieved yet due to safety issues with the aircraft", NAS Jacksonville posted on Facebook.

Bormann said people weren't screaming because the flight staff worked quickly to give direction.

A military-chartered passenger plane slid off a runway and into a Florida river while landing Friday night, authorities said, forcing scores of passengers onto the aircraft's wings to await rescue.

A charter jet with a reported 142 people on board went down into the St. Johns River near a naval base in Jacksonville on Friday.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, which sent a marine unit to help in the rescue, said everyone survived the crash and escaped safely.

There are also reports the plane was a charter transport traveling from Guantanamo Bay.

Connor said he didn't know what impact the weather had on the flight. She drove to the Target parking lot where first responders were staging after she saw the news alert, she told the Times-Union. He looked down and his ankles were in water, he said, and he heard someone yell, "Fuel!"

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The flight was arriving from Cuba, the air station spokesman said. The pavement on the runway wasn't grooved, and Landsberg said grooves can help the water flow off the pavement more quickly.

In a news conference, Captain Michael Connor, commanding officer at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, said it was a "miracle" that there had been no serious injuries or fatalities.

According to an airport spokeswoman, 136 passengers and seven crew members were on board. Bormann said she hit her head on a plastic tray on the seat in front of her as the plane veered sideways and off the runway.

"As we went down, we had a really hard landing", she told Lemon.

One of the passengers on the plane provided an update on his experience. There was rain coming down.

They flew through a storm of thunder and lightning, but the frightening part came when the plane came in for a landing.

He also said President Donald Trump had offered assistance as the situation was developing.

The plane was carrying military personnel, with one woman taking to Twitter to reveal her spouse was on board the jet.

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