Published: Thu, May 02, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

'A Current Affair' Defends Airing That Steve Dickson Strip Club Segment

'A Current Affair' Defends Airing That Steve Dickson Strip Club Segment

The video showed Mr Dickson talking disparagingly about the dancers with fake gun rights advocate Rodger Muller in the Washington club.

Described by Australian media as "uncomfortable viewing", the footage shows Steve Dickson repeatedly grabbing a striptease artist's breasts and making a series of lewd comments to women on a recent trip to the United States. She said that it wasn't the fact that Mr Dickson had been to a strip club, because this is something that is legal.

Dickson, who is second on the party's Senate ticket for the May 18 election, was filmed groping a dancer and saying "white women f. a whole lot better, they know what they are doing" while Asian women don't.

"I see farmers forced off their lands, kids with no hope for the future".

The video was recorded during an undercover investigation by Al Jazeera as part of the same operation which last month revealed Mr Dickson and party advisor James Ashby travelled to the USA previous year seeking campaign help from lobby groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Hanson said Al Jazeera had "conveniently" given the tapes to A Current Affair less than three weeks out from the federal election but she was unable to "ignore or condone" the footage. Footage of his X-rated antics was aired by Nine Network this week. And people are hoping and praying that I'm going to be the voice for them.

The recording was captured by an undercover Al Jazeera journalist posing as a gun rights lobbyist and leaked to Nine's A Current Affair.

‘Empire’ Renewed For Another Season - Smollett Won’t Be Involved Yet
The studio released a statement saying "there are no plans for Smollett's character of Jamal to return to Empire ". Smollett played gay singer-songwriter Jamal Lyon on the show about a family in the hip-hop entertainment business.

One Nation has had it's fair share of scandals this year, from candidates being accused of trying to get donations from the American National Rifle Association to others saying some pretty misogynistic and homophobic things. "He is deeply upset about this", Hanson told reporters.

"I am both a mother of three boys and the only female leader of a political party in this country. and I can not, and will not, condone my own candidates dealing with women in this fashion".

Last month during a press conference about Al Jazeera's initial documentary release, Mr Dickson made unprompted reference to strip clubs.

One Nation co-founder David Oldfield, who is about to publish a book to "explain" Senator Hanson's personality, has rejected claims her problems lie with the men she's surrounded herself with.

Hanson said she was left devastated and furious by the entire incident but refused to place the blame on Ashby when asked why she had stood by the men.

She also admitted if she could turn back time, she would tell Mr Dickson not to travel to the US.

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