Published: Mon, April 29, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

NRA Ousts Oliver North and Quashes Discussion of Financial Wrongdoing

NRA Ousts Oliver North and Quashes Discussion of Financial Wrongdoing

The president's tweets come amid upheaval at the organization, with NRA President Oliver North announcing he won't serve a second term and NY state Attorney General Letitia James pursuing an investigation into the NRA's finances. Members then voted to keep the debate private and send the resolution to the board, which is scheduled to meet on Monday.

New York's attorney general, Letitia James, has issued subpoenas as part of an investigation related to the NRA, but she declined to elaborate. The group said it lost insurance coverage after New York's actions, which they claimed blocked organizations from doing business with the NRA. At one point, one NRA member compared the resolution to an attempted hanging of LaPierre.

"Please know I hoped to be with you today as NRA president endorsed for reelection", Childress quoted North in the letter.

In a message read to the NRA convention on Saturday, North said that he initially planned to run for re-election after his term expires on Monday but was "informed that will not happen".

North, who has served on the NRA board for more than two decades, said there was a "clear crisis" within the organization that "needs to be dealt with immediately and responsibly so the NRA can continue to focus on protecting the Second Amendment".

His departure came after NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre accused Lieutenant Colonel North of trying to oust him by threatening to release "damaging" information about him, according to a letter from Mr LaPierre to NRA board members that was published by the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

In a statement read to members of the group Saturday, North said he believes a committee should be set up to review the NRA's finances.

North, 75, became a household name in the 1980s after his role in engineering a scheme to secretly sell weapons to Iran and divert the proceeds to Nicaragua's anti-Communist Contra rebels was exposed. North had taken the firm's side in the legal battle.

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The NRA is used to having it hard in New York, where it has been at war with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The North memo referred to above also painted a dark portrait of the current state of affairs at the NRA.

Following the announcement, rank-and-file NRA members proposed a resolution holding LaPierre accountable for the allegations of financial mismanagement within the organization and calling for him to step down.

NRA officials did not respond to a request for comment.

During the 2016 presidential election, the NRA spent more for Trump than did any outside group and began its efforts earlier than in any other presidential cycle.

The advertising firm has been involved in a lawsuit with the NRA since April 12. But it erupted very publicly in recent weeks after the NRA sued Ackerman McQueen, accusing it of refusing to hand over financial records to account for its billings.

North has a $1 million contract with Ackerman McQueen, raising alarm bells among some in the NRA about conflicts of interest. The suit said the NRA paid the firm $40 million in 2017.

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