Published: Sun, April 28, 2019
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Measles in LA County, as 2 pregnant NYC women infected

Measles in LA County, as 2 pregnant NYC women infected

Up to now, the biggest single USA measles outbreak in recent years was in 2014, when 383 cases were reported in the Amish community in nine OH counties.

A person with a confirmed case of measles traveled through Alabama on April 11, making two stops that could have exposed others to the virus, officials with the Alabama Department of Public Health announced.

Measles is highly contagious, infecting 90% of unvaccinated people who are exposed to the disease, the agency said.

Earlier this week, the CDC said there had been 626 measles cases across 22 states as of April 19, a figure slightly lower than the 667 cases reported in 2014.

"There are communities in the USA and elsewhere where the rate of vaccination is low and has been low, and these pockets can go unnoticed until the virus is introduced", he says. The CDC warned that the virus could gain a "sustained foothold" if the outbreaks, such as those in NY and Washington states, continue.

"The high number of cases in 2019 is primarily the result of a few large outbreaks - one in Washington State and two large outbreaks in NY that started in late 2018", the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement.

"Ever since there was vaccination, there were people who were against vaccines", Moss says.

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While only one case of measles has been confirmed in Tennessee this year, other states haven't been so fortunate.

A person from NY who was unknowingly contagious with the measles then visited Southeast Michigan, spreading the illness to at least 38 people there, according to Lynn Sutfin, public information officer for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. CDC officials on Wednesday said they are reviewing and validating the latest reports. Los Angeles county health officials said four of the cases are linked to one another after global travel, and an additional single case of measles also occurred after worldwide travel.

The state also has set up a hotline to answer citizens' questions about measles. Health officials are expected to declare that outbreak over if no more cases are reported by later this week.

The state, in the country's northwest, declared in January a state of emergency over an outbreak of the airborne infection that causes fever, coughing and rashes that can be deadly in rare cases.

To get the vaccine, Hamilton says the best way is to go to your primary doctor. Un-vaccinated people are highly susceptible to it especially if they come in contact with the virus through sneezing or touching.

The CDC recommends the vaccine for everyone over a year old, except for people who had the disease as children. Two doses are about 97% effective.

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