Published: Tue, April 23, 2019
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Huawei to launch 5G at Africa Cup of Nations

Huawei to launch 5G at Africa Cup of Nations

Last year, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States banned the Chinese telecommunications giant from participating in government contracts, citing security reasons, while several other countries said they were also anxious about Huawei's activities. While the US government has long insisted Huawei poses a national security threat, has banned federal agencies from using its technology, and has reportedly been pushing allies not to let the company build out their infrastructure for next-generation 5G wireless networks, it hasn't presented hard evidence.

Huawei has had a rough time of things when it comes to global relations, with the United States and others implementing various bans on the use of the company's products.

Huawei does not comment on unsubstantiated allegations backed up by zero evidence from anonymous sources.

In January, the US Justice Department unsealed indictments that included 23 counts pertaining to the theft of intellectual property, obstruction of justice and fraud related to its alleged evasion of US sanctions against Iran.

Asos billionaire's children killed in Sri Lanka attacks
Eight Brits were killed in the co-ordinated suicide bombings and 24 people have since been arrested. Povlsen and his wife Anne have not said which of their three children died in the attack.

Huawei was shut out of the United States past year and had all of its plans to break into that market rendered futile.

The company, the Central Intelligence Agency and China's Foreign Ministry did not respond immediately to requests for comment. The Chinese telecommunication equipment giant announced early this year that it will set up 5G open labs in its important business hubs around the world in Europe, the Middle East and Asia within this year.

He said that Huawei is particularly interested in the field of training to hone skills of cadres around the world, adding that the company is willing to boost cooperation with Cairo to help the government and private sector achieve technological development.

Stating that "2019 will be a year of large-scale deployment of 5G around the world", Huawei said that its Carrier Business Group has unprecedented opportunities for growth.

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