Published: Mon, April 22, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

United Kingdom police arrest nearly 1000 in climate change protests

United Kingdom police arrest nearly 1000 in climate change protests

Greta Thunberg, the teenage activist who inspired the worldwide school strikes against global warming, joined the Extinction Rebellion climate change protest in London on Sunday.

The Metropolitan Police has "requested mutual aid" from other forces to deal with the ongoing disruption.

The group, who call themselves Extinction Rebellion, have said they plan to "pause" their demonstrations of civil disobedience, which have campaigned against what they say is a widespread failure to appropriately address climate change.

Earlier on Sunday, in what the group later said was an internal memo meant to garner feedback from members, Farhana Yamin, the group's political circle co-ordinator, said the group would shift tactics to "focus on political demands".

"We want to show that XR is a cohesive long-term, global force, not some flash in the pan". "At the moment, we haven't received a response from the we're waiting on that".

He added that before ministers begin dealing with Brexit again, "we must ask them to think about something altogether more pressing: saving our planet".

Police tried to force protesters away from Oxford Circus and other locations in London, filtering them to Marble Arch.

Earlier on Saturday, about 50 police officers surrounded the group who said they had been told they could remain until "no later than 10.30am".

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Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said she had not experienced a similar operation in nearly four decades as a police officer, as officers continue to attempt to clear demonstrators from the capital's streets.

It emerged last night that the number of people arrested in connection to the climate protests in central London has risen to 682.

They will also set up a political taskforce to take forward public negotiations with the Government, warning that they are prepared to scale up action depending on how much progress is made.

"But we will make sure they will not get away with it any longer".

Next week, they say, will be "focused on negotiations", organizer Farhana Yamin said, according to BBC.

Commissioner Cressida Dick has condemned the "miserable disruption" inflicted on Londoners, urging the activists to protest lawfully or go home.

"I share the passion about tackling climate change of those protesting, and support the democratic right to peaceful and lawful protest, but this is now taking a real toll on our city - our communities, businesses and police", Mr Khan said.

Police said on Sunday that all sites but Waterloo Bridge have been opened for traffic.

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