Published: Mon, April 22, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump Goes Golfing Day After Release of Mueller Report

Trump Goes Golfing Day After Release of Mueller Report

Ryan and Sanders have had a rocky relationship since the latter become White House press secretary.

The report included multiple examples of Trump's current and former press secretaries making false claims to journalists, particularly in the days after Comey's firing.

Although Mueller concluded that the president's efforts were "mostly unsuccessful" because "the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out his orders or accede to his requests", one individual was singled out by Mueller for less-honorable conduct: White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who on at least three occasions perpetuated a false narrative.

As the official White House representative to the supposedly free press, Sanders alleges to deliver truthful information on the policies of the top elected official in the United States.

According to the Hill, Sanders told the press that "countless" Federal Bureau of Investigation agents had lost confidence in Comey, but she later told Mueller's team her past remark was unfounded and was a "slip of the tongue" made "in the heat of the moment".

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In a Friday morning interview on "Good Morning America", Sanders said the comment was made "in the heat of the moment, ' meaning that it wasn't a scripted talking point". At issue are two comments made in May 2017.

"I'm sorry that I wasn't a robot like the Democrat Party that went out for two and a half years and repeated time and time again that there was definitely Russian collusion between the President and his campaign". "There were a number of Federal Bureau of Investigation, both former and current, that agreed with the president's decision, and they continued to speak out and say that and send notice to the White House of that agreement with the president's decision". Sanders also said in a Thursday night interview with Fox News that she "used the word 'countless, ' but it's not untrue".

It can come as no surprise that Sarah Sanders tells lies, it must still be pointed out that calling something "a slip of the tongue" is not even admitting to a lie. She says the press is fake when she's faking reports from the people's house. The report also notes that Sanders told investigators her misleading claims were simply a "slip of the tongue".

Remember when Sanders disseminated a doctored video from an alt-right website in order to accuse CNN's Jim Acosta of physically assaulting a White House press intern? If anything happens to me or mine or anyone connected to me, you and your daughter and this administration will be held accountable!

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