Published: Mon, April 22, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch events delayed in China

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch events delayed in China

Samsung has delayed two Galaxy Fold launch events, causing some to question whether the company is having second thoughts about launching its long-awaited foldable phone.

As SamMobile reports, several events have been postponed, including ones in Shanghai and Hong Kong, although Samsung is promising that the April 26 Fold launch in the United States will go ahead as planned.

Samsung has confirmed it will delay the Galaxy Fold's release in China - originally scheduled for April 24.

Now, coincidentally, Samsung have postponed the launch of the Galaxy Fold in China. The "early adopter tax" and willingness to put up with a slightly less polished user experience make the Galaxy Fold less than ideal for a lot of buyers.

To recap, most of the units had issues because the top layer of the screen looks like a screen protector, and thus quite a few reviewers merrily peeled it off, as they would on other phones.

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Samsung said it received "a few" reports of damage to the displays of samples of the US$1,980 (S$2,690) handset, raising the spectre of the combustible Galaxy Note 7 three years ago which the firm ultimately pulled from shelves at massive cost, reported Reuters.

It's possible that the delay in China is linked to the screen problems reported.

For now, Samsung plans to keep its U.S. release date set for April 26 with sales beginning in South Korea and Europe in May.

In response to a number of press review units developing glitches around the display hinge, Samsung previously said it was ready to "thoroughly inspect" the broken units to see what had gone wrong.

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