Published: Mon, April 22, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Qualcomm Cease Fire Tops Big Week in Apple News

Qualcomm Cease Fire Tops Big Week in Apple News

The two companies also have reached a six-year license agreement, effective as of April 1, 2019, including a two-year option to extend, and a multi-year chipset supply agreement.

During the roughly two years Apple was locked in a legal battle with one of its suppliers, Qualcomm, the iPhone maker publicly argued that the chip maker's technology was worthless.

Though the deal brings make a full-stop to stormy 2-year stretch for Qualcomm as well as it is considered as a huge victory against Apple.

The Apple-Qualcomm agreement was reached as chip-maker Intel made a decision to exit the 5G smartphone modem business and complete an assessment of the opportunities for 4G and 5G modems in PCs, Internet of Things devices and other data-centric devices. Apple buys these modems from manufacturers like Qualcomm and Intel.

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On the second day of their blockbuster trial, Apple and Qualcomm announced that they had reached a settlement and would "dismiss all litigation between the two companies worldwide". Another Apple memo described Qualcomm as having a "unique patent share" and "significant holdings..."

Shares in Qualcomm surged 23% after the announcement, while Apple's remained flat on Tuesday.

And because the collaboration between Apple and Qualcomm will continue, the Cupertino-based tech giant will continue to pay royalties for the tech it uses on the iPhone. In a statement emailed to Fast Company, Intel wrote, "As we said in November 2018, Intel plans to support customer device launches in 2020 with its XMM 8160 5G multimode modem". Last year, with Apple and Qualcomm suing each other, Apple stuck with Intel for the part and expects to do the same this year. The Intel 7560 modem chips used on the 2018 iPhone models were manufactured using the 14nm process. Intel was set to be Qualcomm's biggest competitor in the area.

During a press meet, Ben Wood said that the present settlement is a huge achievement for Qualcomm.

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