Published: Sun, April 21, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump goes after 'Crazy Mueller Report' insisting parts are 'fabricated & totally untrue'

Trump goes after 'Crazy Mueller Report' insisting parts are 'fabricated & totally untrue'

One of the things discovered in the release of the redacted Mueller report Thursday is that Sanders admitted to the special prosecutor that a statement she made made in a May 10, 2017, White House briefing about Trump's firing of fired FBI Director James Comey was a lie.

Although Mueller concluded that the president's efforts were "mostly unsuccessful" because "the persons who surrounded the president declined to carry out his orders or accede to his requests", one individual was singled out by Mueller for less-honorable conduct: White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who on at least three occasions perpetuated a false narrative.

According to Mueller's findings, Sanders stated in a 2018 interview under oath that her comments were a "slip of the tongue" when she repeatedly doubled-down to reporters that "countless members" of the Federal Bureau of Investigation were unhappy with Comey. At issue are two comments made in May 2017.

What Sanders called a "slip of the tongue", Stephanopoulos called a "deliberate false statement".

Mr Trump backed down and later publicly acknowledged he meant to fire Mr Comey regardless of Mr Rosenstein's memo after unnamed Justice Department officials "made clear to him" that they would "resist" the bogus justification, Mr Mueller said. "When there is a lack of credibility there, you have to start lopping the heads off.she needs to go".

Incoming White House aides also lied about press accounts they knew were accurate.

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He's alleging that "notes" some people said they took after meetings with him didn't exist until they were created for the Mueller investigation.

"She's calling us fake", Ryan said. Most famously, Ryan sparked the #piegate micro-scandal when she first claimed Sanders lied about a pecan pie she tweeted a photo of, then accused Sanders of poisoning a pie for Ryan as revenge.

The trip comes one day after a redacted special counsel report found no Trump campaign collusion with Russian Federation around the 2016 election, but issued no clear verdict on obstruction, while detailing several instances of Trump seeking to squash the investigation. Ryan, appearing emotionally distraught and angry, also suggested to CNN host Erin Burnett that Sanders is in-part responsible for threats she and her colleagues in the media have faced.

"Sarah plays a unsafe game in that room".

"So why did you tell the press that the president did not dictate that statement, when he did?"

The next day, Sanders' claims were refuted by then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who testified under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee that "I can confidently tell you that the majority, the vast majority of FBI employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to Director Comey". Therefore, she should be let go.

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