Published: Sun, April 21, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Revamped Find My iPhone app may get Tile-like item tracker

Revamped Find My iPhone app may get Tile-like item tracker

According to the report, Apple is working on a new hardware product to facilitate this, which is now known only as "B389" to the people working on its development.

Apple is working on a new app codenamed "GreenTorch" to replace the Find My Friends and Find my iPhone apps.

Like other recent apps from Apple, this new app will also be a Marzipan app which will be available on both iOS and macOS.

9to5Mac writes, citing people familiar with the development, Apple's upcoming unified app will have the same features as the existing Find my Friends and Find my iPhone apps.

The app introduces a "Find Network" function to track a device even when it's not connected to WiFi or cellular network. This means that location sharing is not limited to members of the family. Once a friend is sharing their location with a user, they will get a notification when the friend has arrived or left a location. You can also upload your contact details to the tag, which will then be displayed on a nearby Apple device when the item is in "lost mode". One of the bigger new features for the new app is the ability to track non-Apple items.

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The Find my Friends aspect of the app will let you share your location with your family and friends.

What's interesting is that Apple is seemingly working on a new hardware product alongside this new unified tracking app.

The Find My iPhone service evolved from its humble beginnings to become part of iCloud and also offer the ability to also locate iPads, Macs, and even Apple Watches and AirPods, along with a web-based interface that would allow users to not only figure out where they misplaced their iPhone, but also remotely lock it and wipe it. Users will be notified if their device gets too far away from the tag, preventing them from forgetting the item.

Apple has not yet released any official announcements about these products, but we might hear something at this year's WWDC in June.

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