Published: Sun, April 21, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Pentagon confirms NK test launch, says not ballistic missile

Pentagon confirms NK test launch, says not ballistic missile

A weapon tested by North Korea is thought to have been a guided weapon for ground combat and not a ballistic missile, South Korea's military said, indicating it was a conventional weapon and not one subject to worldwide sanctions.

Analysts have speculated that the test could have involved anything from a small anti-tank missile to relatively routine artillery, with a South Korean official also saying that the country saw no sign of a ballistic missile.

He did not directly answer a question on whether the weapon was a new capability.

According to social media coverage from Defense One editor Kevin Baron, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Charles Summers Jr later added the test did not constitute a threat to "allies in the Pacific, nor to the United States".

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North Korea announced Wednesday evening that it had tested a "new tactical guided weapon", leading to a lot of speculation about what North Korea, a volatile nation known for its nuclear and missile tests, may have actually fired off. "Unless they take concrete steps towards CVID of nuclear weapons and missiles, there is going to be no bright future for North Korea".

The failure to reach an agreement at the summit revolved around the number of North Korean nuclear assets to be dismantled against the volume of sanctions that the USA would lift in return.

The announcement came after reports of new activity at a North Korean missile research center and long-range rocket site where the North is believed to build long-range missiles targeting the USA mainland. As Sigmund Freud might have said, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar", Klingner said on Twitter.

Kwon filled out the picture with remarks on relations between President Trump and Kim, making it obvious the above on Pompeo came from the top: "It is fortunate that the personal relationship between our Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and President Trump is on good terms as usual, and our Chairman is pleased to get on well with President Trump".

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