Published: Sat, April 20, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google Removes Famous Apps Including Selfie Camera For Secretly Clicking Ads

Google Removes Famous Apps Including Selfie Camera For Secretly Clicking Ads

After being fined for a whopping €4.3 billion by the European Commission (EC), Google is finally trying to fix the situation by offering users in the EU to have alternative search and browser apps that will be available through Google PLay.

If a user does choose to download any new search apps or browsers, Google will then help the user set them up.

Starting on Thursday and following a software update, users in the European Union opening Google's mobile app store will be presented with a choice of alternatives to Google search and Chrome.

The ten apps are chosen based on their popularity and shown in a random order.

A year ago the European Commission ruled that Google had illegally used Android to dominate search.

With this, users can opt to install as many apps as they want. In 2017, the report continues, Google highlighted it as one of the most popular new apps in the United Kingdom - all of which, you'd think, would seem to give it a stamp of approval.

We'll recommend you to download and install the latest version of the Play Store app right away.

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Brussels accused Google of using the Android system's dominance of smartphones and tablets to promote the use of its own Google search engine and Chrome browser and shut out rivals.

If you live in Europe, expect to see these options hit your device with a Play Store update in the coming weeks.

In a bid to score the highest and upscale the best-performing smartphone chart, ZTE adds another smartphone into the series ... The browser and search pages each show five apps total, including any apps that are already installed.

The changes will hopefully satisfy the European Commission and many users in the region.

Fewer people will probably be aware that they can also change the search engine even for the Google Chrome web browser. We've contacted the company to clarify how the implementation could change and will update the article accordingly.

Google responded in October 2018, when it said it would change the way it licenses its suite of Android apps in Europe. Google was accused of unfairly leveraging its Chrome browser and Search Engine "as a condition for licensing Google's app store (the Play Store)".

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