Published: Fri, April 19, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Trump advise Boeing to rebrand 737 MAX

Trump advise Boeing to rebrand 737 MAX

President Donald Trump touted his marketing expertise in a tweet Monday morning advising plane maker Boeing on how the beleaguered company can reclaim its brand. He adds: "No product has suffered like this one". "But again, what the hell do I know?"

Boeing is now working on a 737 MAX software update, which should see, as the company calls it, multiple layers of protection added. According to the publication, he surrendered ownership of Trump Shuttle to creditors in 1990 after he wasn't making enough money.

And Southwest Airlines, the other USA airline that has 737 Max 8 jets, also has canceled flights involving the aircraft through august 5.

Boeing was expected to finish the work however FAA spokesman Greg Martin said the organization wants more time.

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Senior officials at American Airlines said they were "confident" that the Boeing upgrade would be approved by U.S. aviation regulators before 19 August, despite its decision to ground its fleet of 24 planes until then. Lion Air Flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea in Indonesia in October after taking off from Jakarta.

A software upgrade for an anti-stall system is being developed at the Chicago-based Boeing company. Those 737s come from the previous generation of Boeing's 51-year-old 737 brand, and don't have the MCAS automatic flight control system that's been linked to the 737 MAX's troubles.

Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 jets have been grounded in the United States since March 13, when the FAA concluded that it needed to investigate "the possibility of a shared cause" between the two crashes. As for American Airlines, CNBC reports its decision will affect about 1.5% of its summertime flights. "My hope is the FAA, the carriers, the manufacturers and all parties will work very hard to make this grounding as short as possible so that these airplanes can get back up in the sky".

Boeing is making changes in an automatic system that is meant to prevent the plane's nose from climbing, which may lead to a unsafe aerodynamic stall.

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