Published: Wed, April 17, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

IOS 13 will bring a huge dark mode update to iPhone

IOS 13 will bring a huge dark mode update to iPhone

Starting today, Facebook will be rolling out an easier way for everyone to enable and disable Dark Mode in Messenger by adding a toggle in the settings menu.

A Bloomberg report recently claimed that Apple has a multistep initiative, codenamed "Marzipan" to help developers build apps that can work on iPhone and iPad in addition to Mac machines.

Multitasking will be another big focus, with iOS 13 set to introduce the ability apps to have multiple windows, with each window offering sheets. It's claimed these sheets can be detached with a drag gesture to become a card that can be moved around freely, stacked and dismissed.

The clunky iOS undo function, which until now has involved shaking the device, may be usurped by a gesture. Apple is also said to be bringing improved multitasking and a lot more besides. The report claims the new gesture is activated via a three-finger tap on the keyboard area.

Guilherme Rambo for 9to5Mac also mentions that the Mail app on iOS 13 will be able to organise messages into categories such as marketing, purchases, and "not important".

Flames and thick smoke billow from Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral
French President Emmanuel Macron was rushing to the scene, having cancelled a major televised speech after the blaze broke out. The cathedral is considered to be one of the world's finest examples of French Gothic architecture.

Safari improvements. In iOS 13, Safari will automatically get the desktop version of websites when on an iPad.

Other additional gestures are expected to be introduced with iOS 13, such as allowing a selection of multiple items in table views and collection views.

Font management will also be improved as a part of iOS 13, with a new font management panel being a part of the OS. Ahead of the launch in a couple of months, there's a new report that had shed some information on what to expect from the upcoming iOS 13 for iPhones and iPads.

Developers would be able to use a different status bar style, including light or dark, for each side of an in-app split view.

Other updates may include better font management, improved language support, an overhauled Reminders app, a new look for the volume user interface, more expansive printing controls in apps and perhaps better filters to avoid accidental "Hey Siri" activations (from things like laughing).

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