Published: Wed, April 17, 2019
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A visual history of Notre-Dame de Paris

A visual history of Notre-Dame de Paris

Most of the roof has been destroyed, its steeple has collapsed and an unknown number of artifacts and paintings have been lost.

Officials said the world famous 18th century organ that has 8,000 pipes also appeared to have survived.

"One of the extraordinary things about Notre Dame was estimated 13,000 trees had been felled to create this delicate timber infrastructure", he said.

Meanwhile Macron's 5-year deadline - which happens to coincide with the 2024 Paris Olympics, which the government wants to make a major showcase - struck many as unrealistic. "And we can do it".

"We witnessed it yesterday in Paris, and the similarities between the two fires are very striking", said Rev. Michael Hutsko, the church's pastor.

Some criticism has already surfaced among those in France who say the money could be better spent elsewhere, on smaller struggling churches or workers.

"We are acting as building pathologists to understand the mechanisms of decay in all our restoration projects and then develop treatments to manage these, or halt them altogether", he said.

Professor Peter McPhee, a specialist in French history at the University of Melbourne, said he feared "that the sheer heat of that fire may have chemically compromised some of the masonry" in the historic building.

Junior interior minister Laurent Nunez told reporters at the scene that work to secure the structure would continue into Thursday, allowing firefighters access to remove remaining artifacts and artworks.

There is no indication that the fire was linked to terror but ISIS fanatics have revelled in the damage to the 850-year-old landmark, a symbol of Western civilisation, just days before Easter.

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US President Donald Trump relayed Americans' "condolences" to Macron over the fire, the White House said.

Renovation work on the steeple, where workers were replacing its lead covering, is widely suspected to have caused the inferno after the blaze broke out in an area under scaffolding.

Mr Heitz said there were no indications that the blaze was started deliberately.

He comforted French soldiers in Afghanistan and victims of the Bataclan terror attack in Paris - and now he's being hailed as a hero during another of his country's darkest moments.

Artemis, a French holding company, owned by prominent businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, promised to donate 100 million euros. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, also tweeted a promise that Cupertino will be helping finance the rebuilding efforts.

The construction of Notre-Dame de Paris began in 1163 and was completed in 1345.

But experts had warned a full restoration will take many years. "All together", Macron said late Monday, adding that the cathedral is "part of our French destiny".

Crowds of tourists and Parisians watched in horror as the roof of the cathedral came crashing down to the ground. Two police officers and a firefighter were slightly injured.

According to the BBC, these items included what is claimed to be the crown of thorns worn by Jesus before his crucifixion and also a tunic, which King Louis IX is said to have worn when he delivered the crown of thorns to Paris.

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