Published: Sat, April 13, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

UK Labour Party calls for May to prevent Assange's extradition

UK Labour Party calls for May to prevent Assange's extradition

More than 70 United Kingdom lawmakers have signed a letter urging both Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott to prioritise Sweden's extradition request over that of the U.S. appeal for Julian Assange should Sweden issue such a request.

"Testimony usually weakens with time, and it's now been 10 years", he said, adding that, considering Assange is not "about to volunteer to come to Sweden", a new worldwide arrest warrant for him must be issued.

"Despite being sick and in pain from prolonged detention and torture".

Britain eventually said it would not send him to the US because of a high risk he would attempt suicide.

"He needs us to stay strong to keep him strong in the battles ahead!" "Please be patient, gentle & kind to him", she asked of police and court personnel.

Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said in a tweet that the trying to extradite Assange because he exposed "evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan".

He said a Grand Jury investigation included charges which could lead to decades in prison or even the death penalty under the Espionage Act 1917, although UK Government policy is to block extradition to countries where suspects might face capital punishment. She said the USA case against Assange is about the "embarrassment of the things he's revealed about the American military and security services".

James also pointed out that Assange had skipped bail before being extradited to Sweden to face sexual assault charges, acknowledging that the situation was complicated.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange languished Friday in a British jail at the outset of a likely lengthy extradition battle following the dramatic end to his seven-year stay in Ecuador's London embassy.

He is now on remand in custody awaiting sentencing at Southwark Crown Court over his bail breach.

Sudanese Army Won't Extradite Deposed President Omar al-Bashir
The statement came shortly after a press conference on Friday in Khartoum by the country's new military rulers. The US accuses him of having been the link between the government and the Janjaweed militias.

U.S. Justice Department officials seek to put Assange on trial for allegedly conspiring to break into a classified government computer at the Pentagon.

The prison, which has a capacity of around 900, houses inmates on remand and serving short sentences as well as those convicted of the most serious offences.

In May 2017, Sweden's top prosecutor dropped the long-running inquiry into a rape claim against Assange, which he has always denied.

The Sun tabloid reported he was being held in Wandsworth prison in south London, where he spent nine days in 2010 following an investigation over alleged sexual assault in Sweden that has since been dropped.

"Other allegations are already time bound because of the unavailability of Mr Assange".

"Mr. Assange's behaviour is that of a narcissist who can not get beyond his own selfish interests", Snow said.

Westminster Magistrates' Court found him guilty of a British charge of breaching bail on Thursday.

Extradition lawyer Ben Keith said the court will not assess the evidence against Assange in an effort to determine his guilt or innocence, but will scrutinise whether the offence he is accused of in the US would be a crime in Britain.

Mr Marchan said: "He has said that we were spying on him, he has said we were lying, we were agents of the United States". In rare cases where USA law would allow the death penalty, such as first-degree murder or terrorism, US officials typically facilitate extradition by providing assurances to Britain that capital punishment would not be sough, Keith added.

The lawmakers state they will "make no assessment" over which extradition request would win in case of a conflict.

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