Published: Sat, April 13, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

The Times view on India's election: Democracy at Large

The Times view on India's election: Democracy at Large

A woman holds her daughter as she casts her vote inside a booth at a polling station during the first phase of general election in Majuli, a large river island in the Brahmaputra river, in the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

Out of the country's 1.3 billion people, 900 million are eligible to vote - 50 times the number of eligible voters in Australia.

Roads were bare and shops and schools shut in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir after separatists called a strike in protest against the election.

While India does not have compulsory voting, the turnout at the 2014 poll was around 66 per cent of the 830 million people registered to vote.

Modi, a tea-seller's son from Gujarat state, has simplified the tax code and made doing business easier, and is credited with improving the nation's global standing. The senators including chairman of the committee Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Sherry Rehman, Rehman Malik, Sitara Ayaz and Javed Abbasi questioned the prime minister's statement, saying that on the one hand the foreign minister is claiming to have "credible intelligence" that India can resort to another misadventure from April 16 to 20, while on the other the prime minister is hopeful for a better chance of peace talks if Modi's BJP wins the Indian elections. "Using armed forces at polling stations to coerce people to vote for the BJP shows their desperation & hunger to usurp power by hook or crook", Mufti wrote on Twitter.

In a blow to the BJP, the Election Commission on Thursday said since NaMo TV is sponsored by the saffron party, all recorded programmes displayed on the platform should be pre-certified by media certification and monitoring committee of Delhi.

Last year, PM Modi-led Union government announced recruiting at least ten professionals from private sector for joint secretaries in select government departments through "lateral entry" mode. As the first phase of Lok Sabha elections starts today, the order came on Wednesday, a day before the movie's release.

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"It's hard to predict", said Parsa Venkateshwar Rao, a veteran journalist and political commentator. Two-thirds of Indians believe that public officials are corrupt, and a similar share say graft has gotten worse since the BJP came to power. India's economy has continued to grow under Modi, jostling with the United Kingdom for the fifth-largest in the world.

Forced to move out of the village after the murder, Akhlaq's brother Jan Mohammad voted in Dadri town on Thursday, while his sons are now registered as voters in New Delhi.

"These are the [people] most affected by the lack of job growth and unemployment in the last five years, even though job creation and development were the BJP's main agenda", she said. The special status prevents outsiders from buying property in the territory. "They've taken our rights; now they want to dispossess us from our land".

Repeating his allegation that PM Modi lied to the nation that he will give Rs 15 lakh, he said "we can not give 15 lakhs; I have not come here to lie to you".

The killing of a local leader of a Hindu nationalist group in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday reinforced fears of trouble during voting. Authorities also banned the movement of civilian vehicles on a key highway to keep it open exclusively for military and paramilitary convoys two days a week during the general election. It is seeking to improve its tally this time.

As voting began, Modi said the mood was firmly in favour of his National Democratic Alliance (NDA), whose senior party is the BJP.

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