Published: Fri, April 12, 2019
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Trump Welcomes South Korea's Moon to the White House

Trump Welcomes South Korea's Moon to the White House

But Trump said he retains good relations with Kim and didn't rule out a third summit or taking steps to ease food or other shortages in the repressive nation.

Although the broader sanctions should "remain in place", he said he opposes any further tightening and noted that he had stopped planned new measures. "I think North Korea has a tremendous potential", Trump said.

He has staked his presidency on engagement with isolated North Korea, pushing for a resumption of South Korean tourism to the North's Mount Kumgang and operations at the Kaesong Industrial Complex, where companies from the South used to be staffed by workers from the North.

KCNA said Kim stated North Korea's position on the second US-North Korea summit that took place recently, saying, "We must deal a serious blow to the hostile forces who are mistakenly determined to bring us down with sanctions by advancing the socialist construction to a high level of self-reliance that fits our circumstances and state, based on our own power, technology and resources".

"There are various smaller deals that maybe could happen". Things could happen. You could work out, step-by-step, pieces. "The big deal is we have to get rid of the nuclear weapons", the commander-in-chief said.

Kim Jong Un said North Korea should prove its self-reliance and deliver a "telling blow" to the hostile foreign forces who mistakenly believe sanctions will bring his country to its knees.

"The two leaders will have in-depth co-ordinate their stance on setting up a peace regime on the Korean peninsula through complete denuclearisation", Yoon Do-han, the senior South Korean presidential press secretary said ahead of the visit. "North Korea summit" will be held.

Little progress has been made between the United States and North Korea since a failed summit between Trump and Kim in Hanoi in February.

Trump also voiced optimism about future meetings with North Korea.

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Moon did not directly address the issue of sanctions.

But Moon's plan to unveil details of such projects on March 1, right after the Hanoi summit, was scrapped and he is under pressure from opponents on the right.

"Sometimes you have to walk", Trump said, slipping into his real estate dealer's lingo, after the Hanoi meeting.

Pyongyang said it had pushed for limited sanctions relief in exchange for dismantling its main nuclear facility at Yongbyon.

The Vietnam summit ended without Trump being able to extract major concessions from Kim on the country's nuclear arsenal or Kim getting the reduction he wanted in heavy economic sanctions brought to pressure him into cooperating.

Kim has continued to highlight his economic push in recent weeks despite the lack of sanctions relief.

Moon has put his political reputation on the line in encouraging negotiations between the United States and North Korea aimed at persuading Kim to give up a nuclear weapons program that now threatens the United States.

Choe Son-Hui, his vice foreign minister, said that by failing to agree, Washington was "missing an opportunity that comes once in a thousand years". She said her country might pull out of the nuclear negotiations with the United States, citing a lack of corresponding steps to some disarmament measures North Korea took past year. She also hinted Kim was considering whether to continue the talks and his moratorium on nuclear and missile tests.

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