Published: Fri, April 12, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

No transaction with Venezuela until we’re sure of who is president

No transaction with Venezuela until we’re sure of who is president

But the Maduro regime is not only a threat to the Venezuelan people; it is a threat to peace and security of the wider region as well.

The issue of aid shipments to Venezuela has been heavily politicized by the US-backed opposition led by Juan Guaido, recognized by many Western countries as an "interim president" of Venezuela.

But he said that since 2017, Trump has made clear that "we're absolutely determined to see freedom and democracy restored in Venezuela" and to see Maduro step down and democracy restored under Guaido. Maduro has noted the humanitarian assistance his country has been receiving from its long-time allies, such as China, Russia, Turkey and India as well as the The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

"We call on the United States to recognize that the Venezuelan people and other people have the right to determine their future", the Russian ambassador said.

The vice president also announced that the administration was pledging to dispatch $61 million in additional humanitarian aid to the more than 3 million Venezuelans who have fled the crisis-stricken country in recent years because of widespread food and medicine shortages.

But it is unlikely Washington will get the support needed to carry out something so huge in either the Security Council or the General Assembly.

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Venezuela's parliamentary speaker Juan Guaido declared himself interim president in January, claiming that his rival Nicolas Maduro had lost legitimacy. "For the peace and security of our hemisphere, the world and the United Nations must stand with the people of Venezuela". "If you want to make America great again, and we are all sincerely interested in seeing that, stop interfering in the affairs of other states".

United Nations humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock said the crisis has worsened and that 25 percent of the population need humanitarian aid.

He briefed the council on a recent United Nations report on the situation that estimates about a quarter of Venezuelans are in need of humanitarian assistance, and painted a dire picture of millions of people lacking food and basic services.

Raw video: Vice President Pence delivers remarks at the U.N. Security Council meeting on the crisis in Venezuela.

He stressed that it was important that the humanitarian supplies come into Venezuela with no political strings attached but with "respect to the sovereignty" of the country and "without politicization of any kind or misrepresentation".

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