Published: Tue, April 09, 2019
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Rodgers: Former Packers coach McCarthy should be respected

Rodgers: Former Packers coach McCarthy should be respected

Aaron Rodgers finally explained the specifics of his Week 1 knee injury last season - and what impact it had on him throughout the year - but said neither the injury nor the concussion he sustained in the season finale will have any lingering effects. Rodgers would fall 23 spots to Green Bay. It's just not true. But the way that we dealt with those issues, Mike and I, was face-to-face. "Even at the most hard moments when I was stubborn about something, when he was stubborn about something.we came to an agreement.We got up and said we loved each other, respected each other.and moved forward". He knew that and I knew that. I called the two-minute, I'd call stretches of no-huddle offense.

"Instead of trashing this guy on the way out, let's remember the fantastic times we had together". It's either he made that crap up, or what he would probably do as a writer is say 'It's my source's problem, ' " said Rodgers about what Dunne wrote. "'Hey do you like this or that?' The trust level was really high", Rodgers said.

Rodgers specifically focused on two areas: His long relationship with McCarthy, and the nature of his conversation with Packers president Mark Murphy when the team hired new coach Matt LaFleur.

Even though McCarthy is gone, that didn't stop Rodgers from bashing this report and standing up for his former head coach.

Rodgers told Wilde & Tausch he was in Scottsdale, Arizona, when he talked to Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst, then LaFleur on the golf course, then called Gutekunst back. "We as Packer fans and Packer people, I think we need to honor Mike and respect him the right way". But Rodgers says it never did.

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"It is 100% patently false".

"My favor that I would ask of you, strongly, is if you see Mike, shake his hand", said Rodgers.

"I'm speaking on Wednesday this week like I always do and that was what was communicated and that wasn't early enough".

"When I think about my relationship with Aaron, you're talking about 13 years", McCarthy said.

In hindsight, it was best for Rodgers to respond to these allegations as soon as possible, because it would've most certainly followed him into the 2019 season and bee a distraction for a team that is trying to turn it around after 2-straight seasons with no postseason.

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