Published: Tue, April 09, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Amazon to launch 3,236 satellites to provide internet to underserved communities

Amazon to launch 3,236 satellites to provide internet to underserved communities

Bezos has announced the appointment of Rajeev Badyal, former vice president for satellites at SpaceX, to lead Amazon's Project Kuiper. It is a new initiative which will be most useful to the un-served communities around the world, says Amazon.

Project Kuiper plans to launch 3236 satellites in low Earth Orbit, including 784 satellites at near 600 klimetres in altitude.

"Project "Kuiper" will provide low-latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved communities around the world", The Verge quoted an Amazon spokesperson as saying on Friday.

Amazon is preparing to launch a constellation of 3,236 satellites to provide high-speed broadband to remote parts of the world.

Starlink's stated ambition is similar to Amazon's Project Kuiper, but on a larger scale.

The move appears set to complement Amazon Web Services' Ground Station service, which provides the necessary terrestrial facilities to allow satellites to communicate data to earth. It will likely cost billions of dollars, but it could make billions of dollars in revenue for the company later.

FCA to pool Carbon dioxide emissions with Tesla to hit European Union target
Adding a few battery electric vehicles to the fleet, at least in a mathematical sense, will help a great deal to curb emissions . Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ( FCA ) has struck a deal with Tesla Inc . to conform to tighter European Union emission regulations.

The company will need to get approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) before it can launch anything.

Badyal recently ran the satellite network division at SpaceX, which launched its first two test satellites a year ago. It further plans on launching 4,425 satellites with the low-orbit internet services.

And yet, Bezos is vying to win a piece of the space game pie from Musk-not through his rocket company Blue Origin, but through Amazon.

Badyal was sacked by Elon Musk in June past year, one of the sources said, due to Musk's dissatisfaction on the progress of Starlink.

Social networking giant Facebook is also developing an Internet satellite of its own, the report noted.

The SpaceX Starlink satellite constellation will consist of 11,943 satellites in LEO. According to FCC documents, Starlink will become operational after at least 800 satellites are deployed on Earth's orbit.

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