Published: Mon, April 08, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

USA airlines start to recover from flight-data interruption

USA airlines start to recover from flight-data interruption

Computer outages Monday morning were causing flights to be delayed out of several airports across the country.

"There's now a technology issue that's impacting our operation this morning".

Southwest Airlines said on Twitter that they have been told the technical issue delaying their flights has now been resolved. The airline said after the systems resumed that the flight would arrive at 8.05 a.m.

Low-priced carrier Jet Blue was also affected, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) told the USA broadcaster CBS.

Other airlines affected include JetBlue, United and Alaska airlines.

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Last week, several airlines had reported issues with Sabre Corp's flight reservation and booking system due to which passengers had difficulty accessing flight check-in systems.

That vendor is AeroData, a company that lets airlines plan the weight and balance of their aircraft for safety purposes, along with other flight planning systems, Southwest said in an email to NPR. The delay today related to Aerodata's inability to allow airlines to make or release paperwork for flights.

"Some flights that were affected have departed, and we're working to get all affected flights back on schedule", United said. According to the company's public website (which hasn't been updated since the company moved from Colorado to Arizona in 2008), AeroData won a 1990 contract with the FAA to "distribute its public domain data".

Delta said that the outage prevented some of its Delta Connection flights from leaving on time.

When flights are delayed or canceled, airlines face immediate customer backlash even when the issue is not immediately theirs to own.

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