Published: Mon, April 08, 2019
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‘SNL’: Mariska Hargitay & Ice-T Star In ‘Game Of Thrones: SVU’ Spinoff

‘SNL’: Mariska Hargitay & Ice-T Star In ‘Game Of Thrones: SVU’ Spinoff

"Saturday Night Live" also referenced new "Game of Thrones" cookies in a joke on "Weekend Update," and noted "Game of Thrones" fan and "SNL" cast member Leslie Jones used Harington to act out her favorite fantasies from the show during a promotional clip for this week's episode.

Emilia Clarke, who plays Queen Danaerys Targaryan, asked Harington if he remembered anything from the show, since she'd forgotten what happens in the final season. "Do you know they filmed it?" And when HBO says prequel, it means thousands of years before the events in "Game of Thrones".

"I have no idea what's actually happening", she added.

"What did it say in the script before that?" Finally, Kit's real-life wife, who played Ygritte on the series, steps up to ask her partner how they will survive now that the Game Of Thrones' checks have stopped.

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The visit comes as Meghan's due date, which she previously confirmed to be the "end of April/ beginning of May", draws closer. The two gynaecologists attended at the arrival of all three of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's children, it adds.

They've even managed to create a spin-off with TV's longest running show. While Harington said yes, Bradley wanted to come by next Tuesday at 6 a.m., to which Harington said he was busy, so Bradley answered, "Wow". Mariska replied, "Bingo." In some of the other spinoffs, Jon Snow deals with "forbidden love" with a White Walker in the show Castle Black, a cartoon Arya stabs a football player in the throat in a Daria parody, and Sam Tarly and Gilly star in a the sitcom The Queen of Kings Landing. Clarke asks. Of course, Kit shoots her question down. "We didn't save anything, and you kept telling me, 'Oh I'm the King of the North, we can order UberEats every night".

Game of Thrones will return for an eighth and final season on April 15 in India.

"Saturday Night Live" airs live coast-to-coast Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET / 8:30 pm PT on NBC.

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