Published: Mon, April 08, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner fooled by 3D printed fingerprint

Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner fooled by 3D printed fingerprint

Now one owners of Samsung's new flagship has managed to fool the device with a 3D printed fingerprint.

The sensor on the Galaxy S10 uses ultrasonic technology to identify a person's fingerprint, compare it to the fingerprint on file, and provide access when there's a match.

Samsung announced last month that it is aiming to issue updates to the Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint sensor to improve its functionality after numerous reliability complaints.

Notably, the new Galaxy S10's fingerprint scanner uses an ultrasonic sensor and doesn't rely on a capacitive fingerprint scanner that's been used in other versions of the phone.

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As a show of proof, Imgur user darkshark posted on the image hosting website just how easy it all is.

He pointed out that the process isn't very hard, and anyone with working knowledge of photoshop and 3DS Max could easily do this with a picture of their target's fingerprint. "I could have all of your info and spend your money in less than 15 minutes if your phone is secured by fingerprint alone", explains the user. It is often recommended to pair it with a traditional password in order to reap most of the benefits; however Samsung's marketing would have you believe otherwise by saying that there are "no tradeoffs" with ultrasonic fingerprint ID and users don't have to "sacrifice user experience for security". He then tinkered with the image on Photoshop and exported it over to 3ds Max, where he created a 3D model showing all the print's fine details.

"I can do this entire process in less than 3 minutes and remotely start the 3d print so that it's done by the time I get to it", darkshark writes in his post. Once he got that right, he found that the 3D fingerprint can unlock his phone just as well as his actual fingerprint in most cases.

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