Published: Mon, April 08, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Netflix pulls plug on Apple AirPlay as tensions simmer

Netflix pulls plug on Apple AirPlay as tensions simmer

While Netflix subscription prices are going up, the streaming company has officially killed Apple AirPlay support.

"Airplay is no longer supported for use with Netflix on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch due to technical limitations", a Netflix statement vaguely explained on a support page on the firm's help site.

Apple device users are already complaining that the AirPlay icon is no longer seen on the iOS app. "With AirPlay support rolling out to third-party devices, there isn't a way for us to distinguish between devices (what is an Apple TV versus what isn't) or certify these experiences", a Netflix spokesperson was quoted as saying by Digital Trends. Users can still go through the official Netflix app, which can be downloaded for free on any Apple TV.

The decision is expected to boost demand for Google Chromecast with Apple eco system fans tipped to switch to Android based devices that are not affected by the decision. Speaking to The Verge, the company says that with Apple is rolling out AirPlay support to more TV sets and other devices, it will become hard to differentiate between a playback device, for instance, an Apple TV or a third-party TV. According to Netflix, AirPlay doesn't give proper identifiers that allow Netflix to determine what device it's being streamed to, and thus doesn't make sure that their "standard of quality for viewing is being met". Which is especially odd given Netflix has supported it until, well, today.

Something doesn't add up here. Netflix's argument is that Apple isn't giving sufficient information to the apps that initiate AirPlay streaming.

Apple's 'Special Project' gets ex-Google AI expert
Goodfellow, meanwhile, is known for his AI work related to what are called Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs for short. The company is also working to develop autonomous systems for vehicles, a project that certainly requires top AI engineers.

And it would spawn dozens of conspiracy theories, most tied to the fact that Apple recently announced a coming TV service called TV+ that will compete directly with Netflix.

No explanation is provided, nor does Netflix indicate when the change was introduced.

Those same Siri-to-TV features will be supported on upcoming AirPlay-enabled TVs from LG, Sony, Samsung and Vizio.

A feature which used to be possible within the Netflix apps.

Users will still be able to access Netflix on dedicated apps on Smart TVs and Apple TV, but won't be able to AirPlay the content from within the iOS app. One has an ecosystem of over 1 billion users, while the other is the world's leading streaming service.

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