Published: Mon, April 08, 2019
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Massive 17-foot python with 73 eggs captured in south Florida preserve

Massive 17-foot python with 73 eggs captured in south Florida preserve

"She is the largest python ever removed from Big Cypress National Preserve - and she was caught because of research and a new approach to finding pythons", the post reads. "Marsh rabbits, cottontail rabbits, and foxes effectively disappeared", according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Experts believes tens of thousands of the snakes are now slithering through Everglades waterways.

The focus of python work at the Big Cypress National Preserve is to find new ways to prevent these invasive species from disturbing native animals' habitats.

In December 2017, Florida snake hunters made a then-record setting catch in the Everglades when python hunter Jason Leon captured a 17-foot Burmese python at Big Cypress.

Hunters working to remove invasive reptiles from a wildlife preserve in the Florida Everglades have captured a 5.2-metre Burmese python by tracing the movements of a potential breeding partner.

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The Facebook post said they have been able to locate and remove several breeding female pythons over the past few months.

The group posted the image to the Big Cypress Facebook page Friday and are calling the catch a record.

Agencies responsible for managing the Everglades stage regular public python hunts and a year ago recorded their 1,000th kill, by a hunter who bagged more than 100. Everglades National Park scientists trained a beagle puppy named Python Pete to sniff out the snakes, but had to abandon the venture when Pete wilted in the heat of the Florida summer.

It is said to be the largest snake that has been caught since the program started.

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