Published: Sun, April 07, 2019
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Fortnite's latest update will add respawning to the mix

Fortnite's latest update will add respawning to the mix

When one user suggested that the backlash surrounding the Battle Pass XP bug was related to players not being given enough incentives to stay in the game after they die, Frechette said that this is a separate issue but one that Respawn is looking into. We speculated Epic Games was essentially just ripping off Respawn Beacons from "Apex Legends" and it turns out those assumptions were correct.

Fortnite has announced the Reboot van in Battle Royale Dev Update #13. The reboot van will be located in major POI's and will be implemented in next week's v8.30 update.

Basically, if a squadmate gets killed but you slip through the enemies' fingers, you can bring your friend back at a Reboot Van by grabbing the Reboot Card that they drop.

Not being a direct copy of Apex's version, the process of respawning will set off a vehicle alarm to alert nearby players. That way, their allies will come back to life and continue the fight. It's also worth mentioning that revived players won't have weapons or the like, so they're going to need a little help to get started again.

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However many Reboot Cards you're holding when you activate the van will see your squadmates appear, one-by-one, on top of the van.

After your squad reboots, the van will be unavailable to reboot for a limited time.

In February, Epic Games held a Reddit AMA.

On Feb. 28, Season 8 of Fortnite then kicked off, and now the developers have an official update on the respawn mechanic.

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