Published: Sat, April 06, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Palm's tiny companion phone is now available as a standalone device

Palm's tiny companion phone is now available as a standalone device

TCL is the company which also licenses out the Alcatel and BlackBerry branding, but they later sold the Palm brand to a startup in San Francisco. The phone's small size means it'll be more easily misplaced than, say, the massive 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, though judging by some of the Palm's initial reviews, not knowing where it is may be no bad thing.

The 3.3-inch Palm handset launched a year ago to more of a raspberry than a fanfare.

Palm has decided to make its diminutive Palm Phone available as a standalone product through Verizon for just $199, Tech Times is reporting. Palm has now announced a new version that's capable of serving as a standalone Android phone. That's a steep price to pay for what was effectively a large smartwatch.

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This time, he provided a 360-degree view alongside 5K renders, dimensions and specs courtesy of his "new partner", @ CashKarocom . Motorola's next-generation P40 Play smartphone has been leaked and this is not just a press render that we are talking about.

Do you remember the tiny 3.3 inch phone that Palm launched in 2018?

Part of the problem was that before now, the Palm could only operate as a companion phone (an option still available through Verizon). Software updates should extend the battery life as well as improve the camera's color accuracy and low-light shooting. When the Palm phone was initially released using the phone, which shares a number with your main device, would only add $10 to your monthly bill - apart from the purchase price. Verizon has trade-in options for those looking to get a standalone device instead of a companion. The standalone version is on sale for the month of April for $199.

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