Published: Sat, April 06, 2019
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Drunk lawyer Simone Burns is jailed for racist mile-high rant

Drunk lawyer Simone Burns is jailed for racist mile-high rant

Simone Burns, known as Simone O'Broin, hit headlines a year ago when footage emerged online of her yelling: "I'm a f****** worldwide lawyer", before reportedly describing cabin staff as "f****** Indian money-grabbing c****".

Burns, who also uses the surname O'Broin, had already been served three 25cl bottles of red wine within the first hour of the flight.

She called staff on board the Air India flight "Indian money-grabbing c****" in a tirade filmed by another passenger and posted on social media on Sunday 11 November previous year.

Burns also smoked cigarettes in the plane's onboard toilet facilities.

Burns was given six months in jail for being drunk on an aircraft and two months for assault, to be served concurrently. "You were insulting, disrespectful and confrontational and used shocking language", he said.

The judge said he was satisfied the offence was racially aggravated and that the Air India passengers must have been "extremely upset" by Burns's behaviour and the language she used.

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Her lawyer Mark Kimsey stated that since the video of her behaviour went viral, Burns' reputation has been destroyed and she has received a torrent of threats and abuses.

The sentence was pronounced after a five-minute video of Simone Burns abusing, shouting and spitting at the flight crew in an inebriated state was shown in court, where she sat quietly with a plaster across her nose during the proceedings.

"You were disruptive to other passengers who must have found the whole experience quite shocking".

Belfast-born Burns, who trained as a lawyer in the United Kingdom, studied global law and worked in the Middle East, was understood to be on her way home from a two month break in Goa when she was caught on film. She was given a series of warnings before being arrested on landing in London. This is not a woman who has a drug problem. People have also bashed her asking her to give up practice and confine herself to her home. "This is totally out of character".

He added she is waiting to get a prosthetic nose.

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