Published: Fri, April 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

MPs vote in favour of stopping No Deal and Brexit delays

MPs vote in favour of stopping No Deal and Brexit delays

Bercow said that he followed the parliamentary procedure by voting against the amendment.

The amendment would have seen a third round of indicative votes on Monday.

They will consider on Wednesday all stages of Ms Cooper's Bill, which requires Prime Minister Theresa May to table a motion seeking MPs' approval for an extension to the Article 50 process beyond April 12 to a date of her choosing. Yet his machinations amounted to nearly nothing, as none of the four options were approved - all of them had more votes against than for.

Pro-Brexit Conservatives are angry at the prospect of a softer Brexit that keeps Britian bound closely to European Union trade rules and standards. However, when they were asked what they predict would actually happen, 29% felt that the United Kingdom would end up with an alternative soft Brexit, closely followed by Theresa May's deal passing (28%).

Kurz said: "There is, from the current point of view, absolutely no reason for an extension since the chaos in Britain has not changed".

US Count Found No Pak F-16s Missing, Contradicts India's Claim
The second USA official also corroborated the findings, saying "US authorities on the ground found that no Pakistani F-16s were missing".

The only way May will get Labour support is if she embraces a softer form of Brexit than the one she has described for nearly three years since Britain voted to leave the EU. Even Prime Minister May knows this would only be kicking the can down the road.

"There is no Plan B capable of being supported by a majority in the British lower house of parliament".

That instability increases the chance of an early British election, which could rearrange Parliament and break the deadlock.

Both Britain and the EU are reluctant to have the United Kingdom participate in May 23-26 elections for the European Parliament but have signaled it could happen if necessary.

Meanwhile, smaller opposition parties in Westminster today joined together to reiterate their calls for a second Brexit referendum on any deal agreed.

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