Published: Fri, April 05, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple HomePod price slashed: Here are the best HomePod deals

Apple HomePod price slashed: Here are the best HomePod deals

Apple has cut the price of its HomePod smart speaker across the world without disclosing its reason for doing so.

That said, I don't think a price drop alone will be enough to reverse HomePod's slow adoption long term unless Apple makes some other changes.

Sources say the in-store discounts are a short-term promotional offer. HomePod arrived at $349, which was broadly comparable to Sonos' range at the time. But that attempt is a fairly expensive one given how cheap competing products are.

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This is a permanent price cut for the USA and several other markets, Apple has confirmed.

In the U.K., HomePod now sells for £279 instead of £319. It sounds great in any room and no matter where it is placed, but its price is high in comparison to smart speakers from Amazon and Google. It's hard to imagine a $50 price cut moving the needle all that much for many consumers, but perhaps this is a precursor to the unveiling of a lower-priced model.

It's worth remembering that, though it may not have been the huge splash Apple might have hoped for - the company has never revealed HomePod sales figures, though third-party analysis suggests it lags in distant third place behind Google Home and Amazon Echo - HomePod actually does very well at music. These types of reductions are usually reserved for older products following announcements of new generations, but even though the HomePod was formally unveiled in the summer of 2017 and commercially released in early 2018, we haven't heard a single credible rumor regarding the development of a sequel or spin-off lately.

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