Published: Tue, April 02, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

House Committee Plans Wednesday Vote To Subpoena Full Mueller Report

House Committee Plans Wednesday Vote To Subpoena Full Mueller Report

'The attorney general is now undertaking a very elaborate process to redact grand jury information out of the special counsel's report...'

The decision comes after Barr said Friday that he would provide a redacted version of the almost 400-page report to Congress in mid-April, "if not sooner", rejecting a Tuesday deadline set by the Democrats.

"I am not kidding around", Mr. Trump said, adding that he might end "all trade" with Mexico, which, according to the United States Chamber of Commerce, accounts for almost $2-billion a day.

If and when subpoenas would be issued to Barr, who said he plans to provide Congress and the American people with a redacted version of the almost 400-page Mueller report by "mid-April, if not sooner", will be up to Nadler.

The subpoenas could be a way of gaining insight into how the White House approached its dealings with the special counsel, while avoiding running into a brick wall of executive privilege, which is likely to stymy many of Mr. Nadler's inquiries. Nadler said in his statement Monday that the five did not comply willingly with Democrat requests, hence the subpoenas.

Barr has so far released a letter of his interpretations of the findings made by Mueller. The report also does not come to a conclusion about whether Trump obstructed justice as the investigation proceeded, Barr wrote.

Nadler said relying on Barr, a political appointee of Trump, to determine whether the president's campaign colluded with the Russians "undermines the work and the integrity of his department".

Democrats have focused on lack of exoneration on the latter charge, the other probes into Trump's finances from the Southern District of NY, and even Barr's letter being an unreliable narration of what Mueller discovered.

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That initiative is sure to spark a new battle in Washington as a five-member Democratic congressional delegation visiting El Salvador, including Rep. Eliot Engel of NY, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, returns to the capital.

"It should have everything that Bill Barr promised and I believe it will", he said. Barr said he would appear before the House Judiciary Committee on May 2, but Nadler has not agreed to that date. In case anyone mistook his meaning, he twitter screamed on Tuesday morning: "NOTHING WILL EVER SATISFY THEM!"

Mark Penn, co-director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, said, "Trump's approval remained steady even after the Mueller report, indicating he still has a lot to do to win back swing voters despite strong approval of his economic stewardship". "To this end, I have asked the Committee to authorize me to issue subpoenas, if necessary, to compel the production of documents and testimony". In his letter Friday, Barr noted that the actual Mueller report is more than 400 pages long, and that it requires work before it can be submitted to Congress.

Last month, the committee demanded documents from 81 people in Trump's orbit as part of its investigation into obstruction of justice, public corruption and abuses of power by the president and people around him.

The House Oversight Committee said it would vote Tuesday to issue a subpoena to one of the former officials involved in fulfilling White House security clearances.

Just 10 days ago the Democrats were on the offensive on Capitol Hill and on the 2020 presidential-campaign trail while the Republicans - bereft of their one-time control of the House of Representatives, anxious about retaining control of the Senate and watching in horror as almost two dozen rivals prepared their cases against the President's re-election - were playing a weak defence.

A Harvard CAPS/Harris survey released to The Hill newspaper showed that 45 percent of USA voters approve of Trump's job performance, virtually unchanged from a similar poll last month.

She cited wide-ranging disqualifying issues, including "foreign influence, conflicts of interest, concerning personal conduct, financial problems, drug use and criminal conduct". Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and other House members engaged in investigating the President. "Your actions are now preventing the committee from obtaining the information it needs to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities".

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