Published: Tue, April 02, 2019
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Burger King Testing Whopper With Vegan Patty Starting Today

Burger King Testing Whopper With Vegan Patty Starting Today

No, it's not an April Fools' Day hoax: Burger King really is selling meatless Whoppers. The brand filmed their reactions, which you can check out in video below. While it's seemingly a minor distinction, Burger King and Impossible Foods point out their collaboration marks the first time a coast-to-coast fast-food restaurant has served plant-based meat from the food startup.

For the full story, follow on over to The New York Times.

"We conducted an experiment to evaluate how well Whopper fans know their beloved Whopper", Burger King said. The Impossible Whopper will also have to deal with consumer skepticism as larger companies move into the meat alternatives market.

Burger King is testing meatless burgers in 59 restaurants in Missouri. Buyers will pay about $1 more for an Impossible Whopper than a regular Whopper, Finazzo said, which will "more than offset the cost" of the Impossible protein.

Burger King, whose quarter-pound Whopper pushed its competitors a half-century ago to create their own two-fisted hamburgers, now plans to roll out a vegetarian version of its signature sandwich, relying on plant-based patties developed by San Francisco Bay area start-up Impossible Foods.

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"I have high expectations that it's going to be big business, not just a niche product", Machado said. "What (customers) don't want to give up on is flavor". White Castle offers an Impossible slider, according to Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods, based in Redwood City, California, launched its first faux meat patty over two years ago.

Impossible Foods tailored a patty specifically for the Whopper, Chief Executive Pat Brown said. What's more, Impossible Foods took heat a year ago from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for the start-up's seemingly contradictory stance on animals: Impossible Foods wants to save the lives of countless livestock, but the company simultaneously tests the heme molecule - which is responsible for the "beefy" taste of the vegetarian patty - on laboratory rats.

"Impossible Burger's heme is made by fermentation, and it's the key ingredient that makes our burger extra meaty", the video says. The chain already offers a meatless patty in the form of the MorningStar Farms Garden Veggie Patty, which is made from vegetables and grains.

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