Published: Sat, March 30, 2019
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Can NASA really put astronauts on the Moon in 2024?

Can NASA really put astronauts on the Moon in 2024?

He said the USA was engaged in a present-day "space race" under Trump, this time against China, just as the country was in the 1960s under President John F. Kennedy against the Soviet Union.

Pissed off with the death of a concrete plan, in addition to finances overruns and delays from the Area Launch System, Pence introduced that NASA ought to try to succeed in the Moon by any means crucial, even when it means utilizing rockets and landers constructed by non-public firms.

"Urgency must be our watch word".

American Vice President Mike Pens challenged NASA to send people to the Moon by 2024.

- The NASA Administrator will provide an update on the implementation of Space Policy Directive-1 (SPD-1) and the recommendations at the next Space Council meeting.

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Pence also promised that the first woman to walk on the moon would be from the U.S. The last moon expedition happened in 1972. "If commercial rockets are the only way to get Americans to the moon in the next five years, than commercial rockets it will be". Pence declared that present estimates, which say American astronauts wouldn't stroll on the Moon till 2028, have been "not ok". Two weeks ago, he said NASA was considering using private rockets instead to launch its new Orion capsule around the moon without a crew on a test flight next year. "It is possible, but not probable", said space policy analyst and founder of Astrolytical. "It's time for the next giant leap", Mr Pence said, alluding to the words spoken by the first Moonwalker Neil Armstrong in 1969.

But on Tuesday, he expressed confidence that the SLS, or Space Launch System, would be ready for the job.

The future of SLS seemed in doubt earlier this month, but at the National Space Council meeting on Tuesday, NASA assured the vice president it will shift its goals to meet the deadlines.

Following several trips to the Moon, the Apollo program ended, and for decades humanity went back to looking at the satellite as it did for millennia, from Earth. "If our current contractors can't meet this objective, then we will find ones that will", Mr Pence said.

The 5-year Plan for a manned landing on the moon Pence left no doubt: Failure is not an Option. All Points, a resident of the research park for 10 years, has added 12,000 square feet to include additional executive offices to accommodate support staff to better serve All Point's Redstone Arsenal and NASA customers.

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