Published: Fri, March 29, 2019
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

NASA cancels first all-female spacewalk over ill-fitting spacesuit

NASA cancels first all-female spacewalk over ill-fitting spacesuit

However, figuring out what size spacesuit an astronaut needs is a bit more complicated than simply taking measurements and trying on things like you would if you were being fitted for a business suit at a clothing store on Earth.

Spokane native and NASA astronaut Anne McClain said she made the recommendation to swap her out of what would have been the first all-female spacewalk in history. After all, NASA says there's two of every size of space suit on board the ISS, so why can't both McClain and Koch wear the same sized suits? The project will still take place, but a male astronaut will walk in McClain's place. Female astronauts have so far walked into space with the male colleagues.

Almost 60 years after the first human blasted off into space, less than 11% of the 500-plus people who have travelled to space have been women. However, only one has been configured for Friday's spacewalk, for Koch to wear. However, only one medium and one large suit are now in a usable condition; the rest are spares that would require about 12 hours of preparation before astronauts can safely wear them on a spacewalk, NASA spokesperson Stephanie Schierholz told

NASA spokeswoman Brandi Dean said today that McClain trained before flight in both medium and large spacesuits. There wouldn't be enough medium-sized spacesuit torsos available in time for the Friday event.

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The 39-year-old originally thought a large-sized spacesuit would be fit for objective, but following a spacewalk last week decided that a medium would be safer.

The first All-female spacewalk has to wait a little more. The other suits, which are considered backups, can't be pulled out and used immediately, and they must be prepped for use in space.

In her tweet, Hillary urged to "Make another suit".

It is easy for women to change dresses even at the last minute before going out if something doesn't fit right. She said a medium-sized suit, particularly the torso portion of the suit, fits her best.

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