Published: Fri, March 29, 2019
Markets | By Otis Pena

European Union ignores United States calls to ban Huawei

European Union ignores United States calls to ban Huawei

The European Commission presented its plan to ensure the secure introduction of 5G telecoms networks, with suspicions hanging over Chinese giant Huawei.

In brief: The European Commission has recommended that member states carry out their own risk assessments of 5G network infrastructures but didn't suggest a blanket ban on Huawei's equipment-something the U.S. has been pushing for.

Chinese Telecom equipment company Huawei Consumer Products division CEO Richard Yu gestures as he speaks on stage during the presentation the new P30 smart-phone, in Paris, on March 26.

By the end of December, the NIS Cooperation Group should agree on mitigating measures to address the cybersecurity risks identified at national and European Union levels.

Europe wants to make sure that 5G networks are secure, and is asking member states to update their security requirement to make sure there are no backdoors into their networks.

"5G technology will transform our economy and society and open massive opportunities for people and businesses".

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"When you talk about this happening in countries like Poland or Germany or the United Kingdom, we're very concerned about that, not only for American security because we have information stored, too, but for the security of their own people", Pompeo told Fox News Radio.

In its guidance for the rollout of ultrafast fifth-generation, or 5G, telecom systems across the European Union in coming years, the Commission urged member states to assess cyber threats to the 5G infrastructure in their national markets. A national risk assessment will then be transmitted to the Commission and European Agency for Cybersecurity by 15 July.

Huawei said in a statement it welcomed the commission's "objective and proportionate" recommendations.

But some European countries are in negotiations with Huawei to deploy its advanced technology to power the faster wireless networks of the future. Fifth Generation telecoms with nearly instantaneous data transfer will become the nervous system of Europe's economy in the coming years, in strategic sectors like energy, transport, banking and health care.

The US has been pressuring European allies to bar Huawei equipment from telecommunications networks amid concerns Chinese companies could be forced to facilitate espionage by Beijing - accusations both Huawei and the Chinese embassy in the EU have denied.

"Today we are proposing a common European approach to the security of our 5G networks based on a shared assessment of risks and vulnerabilities to Europe's critical digital infrastructure", said the European Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip in Strasbourg.

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