Published: Thu, March 28, 2019
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The cursed St. Louis style bagel is a meme now

The cursed St. Louis style bagel is a meme now

Even New York Senator Chuck Schumer weighed in.

Alek Krautmann posted a picture to Twitter on Monday of two boxes of bagels sliced "bread style".

And New York Police Chief Dermot Shea confirmed that, indeed, a crime had been committed.

"St. Louis bagels are trash".

It even won the disdain of New Yorkers, a city that is pretty much the mecca of bagels, but don't tell Montreal that.

However, there were a number of people defending the alternative way to slice the baked good.

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New York's senior senator joined the conversation Wednesday, telling St. Louis in classic NYC-fashion, "fuhgeddaboudit".

"Everyone is dunking on this but as a son of St. Louis and former St. Louis Bread Co".

The only people who didn't seem to understand what the fuss was about was the Panera bread chain, who had sliced the bagels for Krautmann.

One user responded to Krautmann with a suggestion for a mouthwatering pairing: A St. Louis-style jelly roll.

More open-minded bagel enthusiasts are intrigued.


What's bread style, you ask? Instead, it was pre-sliced like a loaf of bread.

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