Published: Tue, March 26, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

MALI: Govt bans hunting society after attack kills 130 Fulani

MALI: Govt bans hunting society after attack kills 130 Fulani

Survivors of Saturday's attack said ethnic Dogon hunters carried out the deadly raid in Ogossagou, a village in central Mali inhabited by the Muslim Fulani community.

Armed men reportedly dressed as traditional hunters have killed 134 people, including women and children, during an attack on a village in central Mali.

While some of the disputes between the ethnic groups involve land and water, the Dogon accuse the Peulh-Fulani of supporting jihadists, while the Peulh-Fulani accuse the Dogon of supporting the Malian army.

It took place as a UN Security Council mission visited Mali to find solutions to the violence.

France's Operation Serval forced most of the rebels out; however, jihadists are still active in the northern territories, which are out of the control of the Malian government or French and United Nations forces, Sputnik previously reported.

An attack by an ethnic militia on three villages in central Mali claimed 115 lives, the latest clash in an increasingly violent conflict that is fueled by Islamist extremism.

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The attack was launched at dawn on Saturday in the village near the border with Burkina Faso, in a district that has seen frequent inter-communal violence. The government in Bamako has denied their accusations that it turns a blind eye to - or even encourages - Dogon attacks on the Fulani.

Among the victims in Ogossogou were pregnant women, small children and the elderly, according to a Peuhl group known as Tabital Pulaaku.

Mali's Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga said in a statement after an emergency cabinet meeting that President Keita had also ordered the dissolution of an anti-jihadist vigilante group called Dan Na Amassagou. The group said the ethnic Dogon militia known as Dan Na Ambassagou and its leader had been linked to numerous atrocities and called for Malian authorities to prosecute the perpetrators.

Since then, there have been repeated clashes between the nomadic Fulani herders and the Dogon ethnic group.

In January, Dogon hunters were blamed for the killing of 37 people in another Fulani village, Koulogon, in the same region.

French forces intervened in Mali, a former French colony, in 2013 to push back a jihadist advance from the desert north but the militants have since regrouped and expanded their presence into central Mali and the neighbouring countries. All in all, France has some 4,500 troops deployed to the Sahel region, the majority of them stationed in Mali.

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