Published: Mon, March 25, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Nintendo Reportedly Planning to Launch Two Different Switch Devices

Nintendo Reportedly Planning to Launch Two Different Switch Devices

Nintendo has plans to release two new models of the Nintendo Switch "as early as this summer", according to a Wall Street Journal report citing "parts suppliers and software developers for Nintendo".

A source explained to WSJ that the new consoles might not be what you expect.

Intriguingly, the report goes on to claim that the lower-cost Switch model is doing away with things like controller vibration in an effort to cut costs.

It appears the persistent rumors that Nintendo would give its Switch console a major refresh this year are going to come true after all. Nintendo has obviously made no comment as of yet.

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Nintendo's popular Switch gaming device might soon have some successors. Giving Pokemon fans an entry-level Switch priced below $300 might lead to a large spike in sales when Pokemon Sword and Shield arrive. While Sony and Microsoft are the most familiar with the strategy, having offered slimmer and more powerful options of their hardware a few years into the console's lifecycle, Nintendo has also had success with revisions of the DS and 3DS.

As GameStop is one the biggest retailers of video games in the United States it's a safe bet Sony will be rolling out this new scheme to other sellers, but at present we do not know their plans for other territories. At the time, there was only talk about a single revision, and it was unclear exactly what form it would take.

Something to look forward to: Nintendo proved the doubters very wrong with the Switch.

These unnamed sources point to a summer release date, with the story suggesting an announcement at E3 in June, followed by a retail release a few months later.

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