Published: Mon, March 25, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple extravaganza could reveal details on new streaming service

Apple extravaganza could reveal details on new streaming service

The Wall Street Journal will be included, according to The New York Times.

Apple's event on Monday, March 25, is expected to largely be bereft of new hardware announcements or software updates.

Apple is also widely believed to be set to launch a subscription news service described as a "Netflix for news" with partners in the media world.

Here's a look at what some experts are saying Apple might be announcing, and what it could mean for Netflix, publishers, and consumers.

Here is a preview of the Apple event.

Apple has reportedly spent more than $1.3 billion in the past year or so producing content and snapping up exclusive rights. According to Recode, Apple wanted to launch an Amazon Channels-type of service to allow you to manage your subscriptions to services like HBO NOW using your Apple ID. The Apple video service will be tied to a TV app that is already pre-installed on Apple devices, putting the company's content at the fingertips of hundreds of millions of potential viewers.

Tomorrow, Apple will hold a press event during which it is expected to introduce a news subscription service, a video streaming service, and possibly a game subscription service.

Up to 35 percent of Fortnite players are women
Most of that was generated on PS4, and Xbox One, making it the fourth biggest revenue generator on consoles during February. Apex Legends has approximately one-fifth the player count that Fortnite has, at around 50 million.

The services segment accounted for only about 14 percent of Apple's overall $265.6 billion in revenue, but investors have pinned their hopes for growth on the segment.

The company recently announced an iTunes Movies and TV app for Samsung televisions that could perhaps soon be expanding to other non-Apple devices. The services unit is Apple's second largest in terms of revenue, and is its most profitable. Over the previous year, Apple has set a goal of doubling its services revenue from $25 billion in 2016 to $50 billion by 2020.

The service will also host documentaries and shows from producers like Damien Chazelle, M. Night Shyamalan, and Oprah.

But Bloomberg's report about Apple's pursuit of paid games for the platform - as opposed to those that pull in cash through in-app offerings - would appear to be one more way that Apple could boost its service offerings. The first time, Apple debuted the iPhone X. The second time, it launched the iPhone Xs and latest Apple Watch.

It could be that the company will work with other companies, instead of competing against them.

However, it remains to be seen whether these big Canadian telecom giants would want to play ball with Apple, and agree to let the iPhone maker take a cut of a bundled subscription service.

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